Organic emmer flour

Our flours are the ideal base for a lot of recipes and an inspiration for your creativity in the kitchen. With a characteristic intense flavour, are ideal to prepare bread, pasta, sweets and biscuits and for many other preparations. All produced with emmer from organic farms.

Ancient Grain Flour
When we talk about ancient grains we mean those grains that have remained intact over millennia, just as mother nature has created them, without genetic modifications or selection of varieties, as instead happened with “modern grains”. The ancient grains are rustic species, suitable for cultivations with low environmental impact: resistant to diseases, they have adapted to the environment in a natural way.
Let’s rediscover together the authentic taste of unique cereals, forgotten for centuries because of poor production yield and complex processing, thus protecting the biodiversity of our beautiful territory as well as our history and our millenary food culture.

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Organic emmer flour

for recipes
sweet and savory
– 500 g –

Organic Einkorn flour

ancient grains
– 500 g –