Organic farro whole Focacce

It is good because

the dough is made with organic whole grain farro flour using the “indirect” method with a pre-dough (biga) left to rise for 24 hours. Then the final dough is prepared, which rises for another 4/6 hours before laying. This slow leavening makes the product more digestible and fragrant. The focaccias are flattened and hand finished, pre-cooked on refractory stone at 400°C and immediately frozen, to preserve the qualitative characteristics. We do not use products of animal origin, so our focaccias are also suitable for those who follow a vegan diet.

Excellent for many preparations

You only need 3 minutes in the home oven to taste it warm and crunchy and appreciate all the flavor of the farro. You can season it with oil, salt flakes and rosemary, or you can fill it as you wish.