Organic emmer crackers

Emmer crackers – organic
Emmer and corn crackers – organic

Crunchy substitutes for bread, they are superb to enjoy at any time of day: for a crunchy breakfast spread with honey, jam or marmalade, on their own for a light and tasty break, or at the table with cheese, vegetables or deli meats.
However you have them, our crackers are a good and practical alternative to wheat leavened products. Their lightness is felt first in your mouth but continues with superb digestibility.

Cracker with Farro Flour

Simple and tasty

Organic Emmer crackers

light and fragrant
– 120 g –

Organic emmer and corn crackers

light and fragrant
– 120 g –

Organic whole farro crispbread

senza lievito
– 150 g –