how to have it

Good and versatile

Our emmer is so versatile that it can be used in a lot of ways to prepare many recipes.

Here are some suggestions….

Pearled, it can be used like rice for any type of preparation: from starters to first courses, from side dishes to desserts.
Pearled emmer is easy and quick to cook, needs no soaking and does not overcook easily. To prepare a farrotto, a soup or a tasty salad 15/18 minutes are enough.
Our Express emmer is pre-cooked and with a sachet you can prepare quickly a warm dish or a fresh emmer salad, just adding the ingredients you prefer. Emmer pasta is particularly tasty, prepared with emmer whole flour only, thanks to its roughness it holds the sauce well matching any type of sauce.
With emmer wheat flour you can prepare bread, pizza, tarts and biscuits, as well as handmade pasta.
Puffed emmer and whole emmer flakes can be enjoyed for breakfast with milk or yoghurt, but can be chosen to make excellent sweets too.
Emmer BioDrink is a very good drink useful to prepare puddings, sweets, béchamel and creams.
Emmer beer is a specialty with a unique taste produced in an artisanal way, superb on its own, even better to accompany pizza or the meal.
The line of the emmer bread substitutes WITH NO YEAST includes crackers, wafers and pastries. Excellent during a meal or as a crunchy snack. As good as bread but much more digestible thanks to the absence of yeast.

We have a lot of products, but we still have a lot of emmer, a lot of passion and imagination to create many, many more ….