Emmer is good for children too

Because of its particular properties, emmer is extremely useful in children’s diet and right because of its taste and particular “grain”, once cooked, is really appreciated even by the most “diffident” children. The importance to get children accustomed to add to their daily intake food other than the classic rice or pasta is vital. This not only to enrich their diet with food “rich” in interesting and numerous nutritional elements, but also because it prepares them to accept other cereals in their diet.
In overweight children, emmer fills and is less fattening than pasta, moreover it favours the intestinal transit because it supplies a good quantity of fibre (whole emmer above all).

When to introduce emmer in children’s diet

Even before the 18th month, you can prepare for your children tasty ORGANIC emmer dishes or some couscous or semolina if they are smaller and continue gradually with soups with emmer and vegetables. Starting young, it is easier to make them appreciate our organic emmer too. Once they have tasted it, they will want to eat it all the time and with all the products we have and the recipes you can prepare, you can do what you feel like in the kitchen, perhaps together with them.

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