the land

Alto Mugello, where everything started

The Tuscan Apennines are our land; rugged, stony, difficult to work, it repays all our efforts with an exceptional product: our emmer.

In the Firenzuola area, the cultivation of emmer has been slowly replacing corn, with excellent effects on the environment and the health of the soil since emmer, a very rustic species with low nutritional requirements, needs the use of neither pesticides nor fertilizers.

In fact …..

….. emmer is a very old cereal, with high genetic variability and “dressed”: not even after harvesting does the grain lose the glumes and glumellae wrapping it, remaining protected by both the weather and the attacks of any parasites. Moreover emmer is a large-sized cereal with low nutritional requirements. The addition of manure and the correct rotations, above all with leguminous vegetables that enrich the soil with nitrogen naturally, are sufficient to supply it with everything it needs. This takes the need for chemical treatment and fertilizers down to almost zero.

We are not traders. We are first of all a family of farmers: we grow and follow our emmer with our producers.

We give growers cultivation contracts, select and supply emmer to be sown, follow it while it grows. At harvest time our farmers bring us our emmer straight from the field, just harvested.

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