the Tuscan supply chain

How do we bring OUR emmer to YOUR table?

In 2016, Poggio del Farro obtained the Certification of food and agriculture supply chains and Traceability Internal UNI EN ISO 22005:2008..

The Tuscany supply chain of emmer starts with the SELECTION for SOWING
It is delivered every year to the farmers that sow it in the autumn (September-October). When it is ripe (July – August), it is harvested and immediately delivered to our Firenzuola plant where it is stored in our silos to be processed later on.

We consider silos the “coffers” of our company, the custodians of our precious raw material. They are the heart and symbol of our business.certificazione-filera-toscana_web2
Being a “dressed” cereal and keeping the glumes and glumellae around the grain, it is necessary to remove these “wrappers” with various processing stages.

There are therefore various phases: sifting (that allows to get rid of various impurities such as straw, small stones, seeds of other plants), husking (the removal of glumes and glumellae that retains unchanged in the grain the external teguments and precious germ), polishing (that gets rid of the teguments firmly wrapping the grain).
Polishing makes the following much quicker cooking possible since no soaking is required!

To finish there is packaging.

We personally deal with processing the cereal that is the basis of all our products.

In our Firenzuola plant we prepare all our soups and emmer mixtures as well as our pearled and dehusked emmer.

The processes we cannot follow ourselves are trusted to carefully selected companies of the highest quality.

We work all together towards a common objective: to obtain only excellent quality products!


Our organic products are controlled and certified by the Consorzio per il Controllo dei Prodotti Biologici (CCPB) (Consortium for the Control of Organic Products)..