sustainable company

Our raw material is Nature

That’s right, he raw material for our products is supplied by nature, we just add our experience and a little imagination.
The need to create a balance between respect for the environment and food safety is part of our way of thinking and acting.
It has always been a fundamental value we devote time, energy and investment to.

Sustainable agriculture is an important commitment. Especially now, when we face a constant increase in population and its consequent pressure on the environment due to the growing demand for food.

Through the years, Italy has experienced the depopulation of hilly and highland areas with the consequent deterioration and damage to the land due to an ever increasing impact on the lowlands more suitable to agriculture, where cultivable areas have diminished.

Our answer to these serious problems of our times is the enhancement of “marginal areas” such as our Alto Mugello and the Apennines, thanks to the cultivation of rustic cereals, suitable to the soil and old, like our emmer.

Our aim is producing simple but tasty food with the lowest possible environmental impact and hanging on to agriculture in some marginal areas of our Country.

Certificazione Energia da fonti rinnnovabili

Poggio del Farro ha scelto di utilizzare energia proveniente al 100% da fonti rinnovabili e certificate, conoscendo sia l’impianto di provenienza che la fonte utilizzata per produrla. Ottenendo le Certificazioni TÜV SÜD di provenienza e produzione.

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