the future

The balance between man and nature

Preferring organic products, apart from looking for a diet based on controlled quality products, means, more or less consciously, NOT to consider the land , with its rich and complex microbial component, and water as inert mediums, necessary only for the production of foodstuffs.

The future is in this direction

Consumers must start consciously choosing among the innumerable offers that the modern food industry places in front of them, what food they prefer for themselves and their families.

We believe that the values of the peasant culture we come from, to which Italy is bound so tightly and that are summarized in the compliance with the seasonality of productions, the preference for local and national raw materials, the consumption of simple food and with a short list of ingredients, is an answer to the hectic and high-impact lifestyle that characterizes modern society.

A change is needed

Driven by this motivation, we decided to publicize our emmer to everybody by creating simple and traditional products that have our cereal as raw material.