the tradition

Poggio del Farro was born in Tuscany

a place where emmer, a cereal discovered at the dawn of farming itself, finds climatic and environmental conditions ideal for its cultivation.
Our products come from the experience gathered thanks to decades of work in close contact with the land and its fruits and from the passion for the authentic flavours that “careful and responsible” farming can still give us.

To ensure that our emmer reaches your table as good as when just harvested, we follow it from sowing to harvesting, from processing to packaging.
Our emmer products are the ideal base for a simple and flavour some diet.

Emmer wheat, a cereal to be rediscovered

Our love for this old cereal, its natural goodness and versatility has inspired us to create many tasty products, all to be enjoyed!
Discover them all visiting this site and try them, they will surprise you for their natural goodness.