salads and side dishes


– 160g of wholegrain farro

– 120g of frozen green beans

– 2 eggs

– 100g of cherry tomatoes cut in half

– 40g of pitted olives

– 100g canned tuna, drained

– 40g pickled capers, drained

– extra virgin olive oil to taste

Farro Nicoise


Cook the farro in boiling salted water.  At the same time, in two separate pans, cook the eggs and green beans.

In a large dish cut the cherry tomatoes, add the drained tuna, the olives and the capers. Season with extra virgin olive oil.

Shell the hard-boiled eggs and keep them aside.

Drain the farro and green beans and add to the other ingredients in the dish.

Mix, adjust with pepper and salt as necessary, serve and complete with the previously shelled hard-boiled eggs.

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